Restart that body

The purpose of a juice cleanse is to detoxify and provide the body with vitamin and nutrient dense juice, that the processed foods in our modern diet don’t provide.  Our cleanse consist of six juices within a day, for any duration of your choice. Each juice is specifically chosen and scheduled accordingly to provide a balance of nutrients for your day.


[7:30am] Renew

Start off strong! Renew is our sweet green. Giving you the encouragement to take on the day of juices, yet never too intense but packed of nutrients.

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[10am] Doctor's Orders

Second juice of the day, loaded with natural electrolytes from the citrus to give your morning a little boost. Cayenne pepper helps start your metabolism. Almost close to your morning OJ!


[12pm] Greener

Packing that body full of nutrients. This is our pure power greens, there is nothing sweet about this juice but it'll put your ph levels in a high rank! It's healthy for you and promotes healing.

Root Down.jpg

[2pm] Root Down

Increase that blood flow, decrease inflammation, and get more antioxidants! This juice is amazing for a lot of things. Just google the ingredients: Turmeric, ginger, carrot, apple, lemon, celery.

Feel the Beet.jpg

[4:30pm] Feel the Beet

You'll feel how awesome these magical roots can make you feel GOOD! This juice is placed towards the end on the cleanse specifically because beets have added benefits for cleaning up the digestive tract throughout the night

Almond Power.jpg

[1hr before bed] Activated Lemon or Almond Power

The sixth juice is your choosing between these two. Almond Power is more of a desert, a little more filling. Activated Lemon is light and great for detoxing.

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