86 Cold Press Cleanse Testimonials


86 Cold press juice cleanse: amy’s story

Amy Markel is a recently established 86 Cold Press cleanse fanatic. Since trying her first cleanse of 5 days this year, she has been hooked. She continued to juice by doing two more five day cleanses and one ten day cleanse. Why does she keep coming back? 

Amy’s experience began when she was looking for a new way to jumpstart health consciousness as a mother of two small children. Before having children she and her husband followed a very clean diet. As life got busy and bad habits began to form, they decided they wanted to try something that could put them back onto a healthy path. 

““We were generally pretty healthy, but you know, you get busy and you just begin to snack, and you start to form bad habits. So we were looking for a way to jumpstart good habits again.”

She discovered 86 Cold Press on Instagram and thought that a cleanse just might be the way to do so. 

She and her husband gave it a try and were thrilled with the experience.

“I was expecting to be starving, and we were not.” She says. “There was only one time where I felt super hungry and I drank my almond juice and I wasn’t anymore. We were kind of astounded. We thought, ‘we haven’t eaten for 5 days and our bodies aren’t hungry? How is that?’”

Aside from the positive feelings that came along with the 5 days -- things like a sense of structure, higher energy levels, and loving the taste of the juices -- Amy also noticed very positive results in the days following. 

“My bloating went away… I felt much more mental clarity, and I just felt jumpstarted and ready for the next days,” she said.

Amy had almost nothing negative to say about her 86 Cold Press cleanses. Her numerous experiences have taught her several things about what her body can handle, and how to treat it. She says she truly believes that food is medicine. Her advice to first time cleansers is to have that outlook in mind during the days leading up to, and following the cleanse. “Don’t pig out!” She says. It can be tempting to want to eat a huge meal before, or celebrate with one after, but that will really just end up hurting your stomach, and can sometimes defeat the purpose. 

Amy proves that cleansing to jumpstart a healthy lifestyle is one very important function of 86 Cold Press cleanses. 

86 cold press juice cleanse: christina’s story

Christina Pistonik has been an 86 Cold Press regular for a year and a half now. Ever since she was first introduced to 86 Cold Press juice cleanses in early 2018, she has committed to doing one nearly every week since. 

Christina began with a 3 day cleanse and went into it with a competitive and determined attitude. She didn’t have many expectations. Her goal was to simply try and complete something new and see how it affected her body. She was pleasantly surprised when she found that even on day one, the cleanse had improved her energy levels. 

“Day one was exciting,” she explained “I noticed I was more energized and it was fun because every juice is a little different and you get to try a new juice throughout the day.” 

The struggle for Christina didn’t come until day two. This was where she had to be most disciplined. 

“Day two was difficult because I began to get hungry. And getting through it was the hardest because you felt like ‘Oh my gosh I still have another full day of this.’”

But by the time that third day came around, the excitement was back. It was encouraging to feel close to the finish line. Not to mention, this was where she felt like the results really began to appear. 

“By the time I hit day three, and now when I do four day cleanses, when I hit day 4, that is when I really start to feel amazing. I feel healthy and I begin to lose cravings for anything unhealthy.” 

This was the main reason that Christina continued to come back for more 86 juice cleanses. Her favorite thing about them was how much they set her on a more healthy, less junk food filled life. When she finished a cleanse she not only felt less bloated, less inflamed, and more generally energized but she also had significantly fewer cravings.  

The results she continues to see are endless. Her skin has improved, she experienced significant weight loss in the beginning, and the structure of a cleanse makes eating easier for her. She was also pleasantly surprised at how well the anti-inflammatory elements of the cleanse worked from the inside. 

“I had heard of juice cleanses and I was under the impression that I may have to go to the bathroom a lot, but that didn’t happen and it really does just clean you up from the inside,” she said. 

Christina’s advice to anyone trying a juice cleanse is to go into it with an open mind, and a disciplined attitude. She emphasized that doing it simply for weight loss may make it hard to stay motivated, so it is a good idea to begin it with a wholistic goal of overall improving health. She concluded with the note that it can be a challenge at times, and you have to be determined to get through it, but the results make it very worth it.