Yogurt is the backbone.

We serve quality yogurt that is crafted in-house made with dairy. This yogurt was a backbone ingredient to Austin's original Crohn's diet. Typically Austin couldn't have dairy but this type of yogurt, crafted specifically to break down the lactose sugar, was allowed because of its special process that incubates in a minimum of 24hours. Our yogurt is easier for the body to break down and digest. It’s packed with live cultures, and simply mixed with honey to sweeten.


Blended probiotic Drink

Our newest additions; blended probiotic drinks are a fast and convenient way to get good quality live-cultures for our gut health. Blended with a fruit leaves the drink packed with a simple flavor and filling. The closest to a smoothie that you’ll get!


Yogurt Bowls

Lightly mixed with honey. Pick a couple toppings to add on top of the yogurt bowl. We have a variety of toppings that include berries, chia & flax seeds, and a locally made granola. Light and filling!


Fun facts

Yogurt is delicate; highly marketed to help the gut but how can it help if the process isn’t handled with care? Our yogurt is three simple ingredients with a 30-day shelf life. We use a minimum 24hour process that allows the good bacterias to cultivate into a gut healing powerhouse. Dairy, cultures & honey- pretty simple!