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Hi, I'm Austin

Hey there, it's great to meet you!

I am really happy to have you here researching my brand, 86 Cold Press. You have stumbled across a great option for nutritious Cold-Pressed juice. Perfecting our business has taken many people and their hard work through the years. I am incredibly blessed to have been open since 2015 because of the amazing people that have gotten us here.

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My Story

At the age of 8, I was diagnosed with Crohn’s. My mother Shirley, instead of depending on medication, took the alternative route and prepared a special diet to follow instead.

Through the years and with research I found reasonings of why our modern diets affect our health, and when we eat whole-clean healthy foods - our bodies heal. From the findings of my research, I found that drinking Cold-Pressed juice was the most nutrient-dense way to heal a stripped body. From then, I started juicing, experimenting, and developing recipes that are geared towards different health benefits.  

Through the adventure of my health and my business, I aim to connect with those who have deficiencies, giving them hope and proof that our bodies can heal naturally.  I seek to inspire others to follow a healthier lifestyle.


Every moment to meet someone new is an opportunity. Let's connect.


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