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A better You, tomorrow.

Many of us have made those yearly New Year's resolutions - when time starts ticking and the first month starts to close, about 9-12% of those resolutions are continued. For myself, I don't necessarily choose a resolution, rather I pick a couple of words to boost the start of the New Year with a positive intention. I chose 'Harmony' because I strive to have all facets of my life work together and flow - a good example is a well-oiled work & work-life balance but with more intention for my health and relationships. For 86 Cold Press, I chose 'Consistency & Balance' as you may have read through our stories & posts.

I am not here to say, 'HEY! Choose a word, have a resolution. I intend to spread a positive outlook for our future self, all while embracing the fresh start to the New Year, 2024. I do believe that this is a healthier way to look at life in a non-pressured environment and hope you resonate with it.

One of the books I completed in 2023 was "Your Future Self, How to make tomorrow better Today" by Hal Hershfield - I highly recommend this read if you are looking for a deeper understanding of the relationship we have with the self in the present day, versus, seeing the self as a future person and basing decisions upon how we want that future person to be treated.

Take, for instance, you walk into a room to find a mirrored image of yourself. As you are standing there watching yourself, this magical tech mirror is changing your appearance - whether it's showing an older self, you may start to notice the differences in your skin, the color of your hair, or several different things. The point is that we want the best for ourselves, and when we see that future self we have a distinct connection to make changes. So, in that mirror, if I notice that a future version of myself has skin that needs hydration and more love - I would be more likely to then spend money on a skin serum that is taking the initiative to better my dry skin today, which, in turn, betters my future self.

This is not trying to compare an appearance, that's not the point. With imagination, we connect and visualize the future self, which then becomes a tool for self-motivation to take action to better our lives. External or internal. If you do end up reading the book mentioned above, you will learn the statistics and studies taken about how we perceive our future selves.


I am always striving to better my future self, but that doesn't mean I deprive myself of the parts of life that bring me joy - take for instance my relationship with food. I am easily connected with a healthy lifestyle and live around a plant-based & paleo-style diet, yet I love a good burger. It's what I call balance, and even though I juice, I'm not letting diet control what my body is craving. Everybody has a different outlook and balance to their health.

How to start? Begin this journey by reflecting on your long-term goals. Ask yourself what kind of person you want to be, and what achievements you hope to attain, and visualize the details - relationships, health, and overall lifestyle that can define your ideal future.

Then, as you start to bring this future self to the present, imagine making the small choices today brings in which your future self would thank you for. As this road map starts to unfold, these choices start to become the building blocks for shaping your future and living a fuller and more fulfilled life you have been visualizing for yourself. If this is something that resonates with you, let it fuel your determination and let it empower you to craft a future that you want to see for yourself.


Side note: I am on day 70 for my daily meditation, I am extremely proud of myself for this. I have always envisioned taking more time for myself, feeling less anxious amidst stress-induced times, and a way to fully understand my body - my meditations often bring times of feeling how the body moves, whether I notice tenseness, or how I hold myself (posture). And if I feel like lying down, I have found it is usually a sign my body needs rest, which in turn, I give it more. My meditations are also intertwined with sweat detoxing in a sauna, and deep breathing exercises will cold-plunging. I am reaching a space I've wanted for myself - Cheers to that!

I am always here as a cheerleader for the journey you are on as well, know that you are not alone - Cheers to our community!

Comment with any inspiration, we'd love to hear about your experiences!

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